posted by on September 18th 2009 in Garden with 0 Comments

This summer seemed to rush by in a blur of heat waves, fires, baby milestones, tomatoes, figs, and long hours at work.  The garden is done for the season, and I’m already thinking about the beets and radishes of fall and winter.

I need to seriously rethink my irrigation system, as the drippers failed right before one of our San Gabriel Valley heat waves.  The tomatoes largely survived, with the Pineapple from Territorial being a standout favorite.  I don’t think I’ll grow the chocolate cherry grape tomato next year, since it took over the 32 sq. ft. veggie bed, climbing up the beanpoles and choking out the eggplant, cukes and squash.

I managed to put by a few pints of fig jam, and dried most of the tomatoes I didn’t eat fresh.  I also harvested some dry beans to plant next year and kept some of the sunflower seeds.  It isn’t enough to warrant roasting and salting, so maybe I’ll just leave it out for the birds.