Utilitarianism I (ladder piece)
Rolling Ladder, Binoculars, Painted Metal, Framed Monoprint, Stainless Steel Tank, Plastic Cups and Chardonnay Wine
dimensions variable

This piece is part of a series of sculptures exploring Utilitarianism, an ethical theory popularized by 19th C. English social reformer Jeremy Bentham.  In these site-responsive pieces I confuse and conflate the practical utility of modern infrastructure with the actual core of utilitarianism; increasing happiness. Thomas Jefferson, noted oenophile and U.S. president, embraced a sort of utilitarianism:

“Happiness is the aim of life.
Virtue the foundation of happiness
Utility the test of virtue [!]
Pleasure active and in-do-lent
In-do-lence is the absence of pain, the true felicity
active, consists in agreeable motion; it is not happiness,
  but the means to produce it
Man is a free agent
–Thomas Jefferson, Syllabus of the Doctrines of Epicurus, 1819
  • Client - GAIT LA
  • Date Completed - JAN 15, 2017